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David Roe - PGCertAvn, PGCertAdmin, F-AVETPA, AFAITD, CMILT

Three seconds can change it all forever. A blink of an eye that separates life from death. Your body stops for a moment and your mind is blurred. The power of being able to respond, and not react, is the only thing that can save you.


I understood the importance of this self-consciousness while ejecting from a jet during my military training. An instructor helped me to save my life in that thin countdown where fear can get you blocked and unable to proceed. His insistence on being able to respond and not react - to do what I was supposed to do, saved my life. It was one of those life changing experiences that makes you reconsider the path you have been choosing for your life. I decided then to dedicate myself to mentoring and to be that instructor for someone else. As a pilot myself, both in the military and commercial sectors, I fully understand how important and powerful the ability to read oneself is - not only for our personal life but most importantly for our professional performance. To be in control at all times. To not let panic, or fear, or stress let you down in the moment.


My name is David Roe and I am the director of R.O.E. Training Solutions (R.O.E). In my 33 years of flying, I have dedicated more than 12000 hours to train professionals on being the best version of themselves and achieve the highest levels of performance. To overcome adversity. My philosophy is based on helping others to understand who they are, why they do what they do and how to get improved results effectively.


In virtue of my  personal experience, I comprehend the mix of emotions that can block you when you need to go through the most unthinkable situation. Enduring high workloads and big responsibilities can interfere with cognitive activity and limit a person’s ability to achieve peak performance. 

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I qualified myself to deliver my best on helping everyone in need of a push to be more confident, to understand their mind, and to use stress and pressure as an ally. I hold post-graduate qualifications in training and administration along with a variety of other professional qualifications in management. I am a Fellow of the Australian Vocational Education and Training Professional Association (AVETPA), a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia (CILTA) and a Member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (MAITD). 


I plan for R.O.E to become a leading vocational training provider to the global transport industry. Resilience, Order, Evoke. Is this not what everyone aims to achieve, to feel confident, notable and satisfied? An optimistic approach to life is my main tool to reach the balance between professional and personal time. You get to taste the small pleasures of life by educating your mind to be alert in the exact moments you need it to be and to relax and repair in others. Following my method, I have not only reached my professional expectations, but I get to enjoy a satisfying personal life. My wife and I have travelled already to more than 60 countries, I am developing my skills in photography and mountain biking and I have dedicated my last few years to create a “legacy” through planting around 4000 trees on our 15 acre property in country Australia.


You can build your own happiness, and the only secret is to get to understand how your mind works.

1 Day Intensive - "It's All About The How"- 8 hours


This is R.O.E Training Solutions' premier workshop. 

Attendees learn how they came to be who they are and why they do what they do.  

After gaining a clear understanding of themselves trainees are introduced to the R.O.E Model © - a powerful tool that brings all the necessary elements together and allows pilots to achieve a consistently high level of performance during training and in operational scenarios.

Half Day - "Why Do I Do What I Do?"-  3 hours

Unless we understand ourselves to a greater degree we will never be able to perform to an optimal level on a consistent basis.

This half day course is designed to help you gain a very clear picture of why you do what you do and what you can do to achieve optimal results.

Participants will be given practical, robust tools to assist them in their day to day experiences - professional and personal.


Half Day - "Bucket Preparation"- 3 hours


This workshop is delivered to graduates of the "It's All About The How" course.  

The workshop assists graduates to develop robust, real world briefing models that support normal and non-normal scenarios.

Previous graduates have commented on how these models were the "key to their success" during real world and simulated scenarios.

Half Day - "Resilience, Order, Evoke"- 3 hours


R.O.E Training Solutions has developed a number of easy to understand and easy to apply proprietary models.  One of these models is the "R.O.E Triune ©" .

This model gets its title from three key components - Resilience, Order, Evoke.

Participants in this course will learn how to develop and maintain resilience, what capacity is and how to retain it and the power of the model's design.

Half Day - "Developing The Right Mindset Going Forward"

5 hours

This comprehensive workshop has been designed to support those challenged by life's "curved balls" - redundancy, post-COVID, unscheduled retirement, divorce etc...

The workshop assists people to understand the emotional process, how to develop the "right" mindset, their life's purpose and how to set goals and achieve all that they desire in life.

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