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What is unique about R.O.E's Training?

R.O.E Training Solutions is based in Hong Kong however, workshops can be delivered globally with prior arrangement.

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Where is R.O.E Training located?

R.O.E Training Solutions' aim is to deliver results oriented education to the global aviation industry.  

Through the use of proprietary models R.O.E is able to achieve substantial human performance improvements in the aviation environment.

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What can I get help with?
Is R.O.E available for consulting on training matters?
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R.O.E Training Solutions absolutely understands and respects the need for confidentiality when discussing human performance.

Indeed, the director, David Roe, has been involved with significant training failures and remedial training throughout his career.  

David has managed military and commercial airline training departments and understands the management of pilots that are seeking to improve their performance.

Can I discuss my needs confidentially with R.O.E?

R.O.E Training Solutions was created by David Roe, a professional aviation educator who has amassed over 12000 hours of aviation instruction in the military and commercial sectors.

David is the creator of powerful, proprietary models that have impacted pilots in legacy carriers.

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Who is R.O.E Training Solutions?

R.O.E training is developed by and delivered by industry training experts who are versed in cultural differences and learning methodologies.

R.O.E's proprietary models are the result of over 30 years of diverse aviation experience in the military and commercial sectors.

R.O.E Training Solutions has worked with training departments of legacy carriers and understands the needs of training management staff.

R.O.E has access to a diverse range of industry specialists that can tailor deliverable solutions to airline training and operations departments.

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