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R.O.E Training Solutions offers consulting services to the global aviation industry through its professional services arm - pROE.


Fixed and rotary wing operators in the commercial and military sectors will benefit from the diverse experience and qualifications base of pROE consultants. 


The pROE team works with clients to create robust solutions that will result in substantial improvements to airline training and operational departments.  

All R.O.E training and philosophy is aligned with recommendations outlined in ICAO SARPs and the ICAO Human Factors Training Manual (Doc 9683)

Proprietary R.O.E models can be modified to reflect an operator's specific requirements. Ongoing training in and modification of these models can be provided.

pROE consultants manifest R.O.E Training Solutions' intention to provide Results Oriented Education.  This education is delivered at the company, departmental and individual level.

If you would like to learn how pROE consultants can work with you to provide positive change to you and your employees please contact us by filling out the form below. 


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