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It's All In The Design

Many people have asked me about the design of my company logo.

Most companies base themselves on their core values and their company branding results from these core values.

There has been significant thought put into the design of the R.O.E logo - it represents the very essence of who I am and what the aim of the company is.

It is hoped that you will gain as much benefit from the understanding of this logo as you do from the R.O.E training material.

The R.O.E Logo® symbolises the essence of the R.O.E training philosophy

The symbol that the R.O.E logo is centered on is a Celtic symbol called the triskelion, triskele or triquetra. I have a Celtic heritage so it was appropriate have a Celtic symbol as the company design.

However, the meaning behind the symbol is as important as my heritage. In essence its prime meaning deals with balance. Attendees of my courses are consistently reminded of the need for balance when managing an aircraft flight deck.

The logo colour is important too for it reflects calmness. The colour changes from the outer to the very inner of the most inner triangle. This is very intentional. The inner part of the the triskelion is known as the hub and it represents the center of natural influences and “becoming whole”.

The three outreaching arms end in a spiral. This indicates an experience with mind, body and spirit. Ultimately an understanding of this triune brings the human soul back to the centre - the core of understanding and awareness. Understanding and awareness are two overarching themes discussed in all R.O.E material.

In the centre of the arms I have included another one of my designs - the R.O.E Triune ©

The triune shows a three sided triangle which comprises of “Resilience, Order, Evoke”. These three concepts are at the very heart of my teachings and, note, they are at the centre of the logo.

Going further toward the core of the logo you see three squares or blocks surrounding the brightest part of the logo. These blocks represent the foundational building blocks which all good training should be built upon.

The positioning of each block creates an inner triangle surrounding the brightest part of the logo. This triangle is a further representation of the R.O.E Triune© and the brightness represents enlightenment or awareness. For a person to gain greater awareness they must internalise or get to know themselves and how they function. Reread the statement above regarding the inner part of the triskelion.

The R.O.E (Results Oriented Education) Training Solutions training is one in which trainees gain greater awareness through understanding why they do what they do and how (through the application of a model) they can remain RESILIENT and apply, in an ORDERly manner a model that they can, always, EVOKE.

I hope this goes some way toward you understanding the R.O.E logo and its significance to me and to the trainees that trust me to work with them as they gain greater awareness and understanding.

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